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Super Smart Magnifier


In this Modern Life Mobile and especially smart phone is everything and providing solution for every problem, so now your smart phone is also your smart Magnifier. This app will use your mobile’s back camera and you can zoom it as much as you want to see the small object or small words on the book. If your Mobile also has LED on the back of your mobile then you can use it as well to see the things in dark. Better Results depend on your mobile back cam, if it has good specification then result will be too good and also you can zoom more and more.
It’s very simple, easy and efficient smart tool for your mobile that you must have in your mobile and also please share with your friends and family maybe they need this tool as well.
- LED light
- Screenshot
- Screen freezing / Camera Photo
- Camera zoom & Digital zoom
- Rotating camera view
(Depending on your device, some of these feature could not supported.)
Note: This app is free of cost with advertisement support.

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