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With Cooking Recipes World, you can have the ultimate cooking experience by trying new delicious, tasty, yummy and healthy food recipes and exciting festival special dishes. For Events, Holidays and special days we have created special category of tasty food for our users. Most exciting recipes across the world like Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Australian, Indian, Greek, Thai and etc. If you love cooking, you like to experiment new recipes, then this app will be a true companion for you. Using this app you can impress your husband, mother-in-law, children and even guests with some exciting dishes. We give you a variety of food items that makes cooking easy and fun. Dishes served in world's top class restaurants by famous chefs can be made easily at your home. This is the best Cook Book App for you.
- Famous Countries Recipes (Australian, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc)
- Create your Favourite Recipes List
- Searching Recipes with single touch
- Calculated Preparation time, Cook Time and Serving Persons
- Recipes Collection with regular using items
- Share Recipes with your friends and family
- Special Event Recipes
- Holidays, Events, Special Days Recipes
- Picnic Recipes
- Rice Recipes
- Spicy Recipes
- Outdoor Recipes
- Low Fat Recipes
- Seasonal Recipes
- Vegetable Recipes
- Chicken, Meat, Lamb Recipes
- BBQ Recipes
- Dessert Recipes
- High Protein Recipes
- Fruit Recipes
Note: This App is free and has banner ads, wall ads and exit app Ads.

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